Cold Brewed Silver Needle White Tea


I believe many of us have been familiar with the new wave of cold-brewed trends in the world of coffee and tea. This method is my favorite brewing alternative whenever I feel bored with the usual hot cuppa. White tea is one of my personal favorite in tea category and I find that people would… 

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First Monday / 2015


Happy New Year fellas! It’s kind of unbelieveable that we already arrived in the year of 2015! Sometimes it feels like time cheats on us, flies by in a rapid pace which is hard to follow and understand. But that’s how life keeps going and as a consistent reminder that we have to keep moving… 

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Kettletown Teas


The sun light coming through the window.. I was lazily snuggling under my blanket.. Staying still and being sluggish.. “Five more minutes!” I mumbled.. Oh well, it’s Sunday anyway! I felt excited all of sudden.. Grab my tea boxes and start considering What tea should I drink?” I wish I could have that kind of… 

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Dragonwell (Long Jing) Green Tea Battle


I think this is my first time reviewing a “tea battle”.. Well, let’s make it simpler, I just made a comparison for two different Dragonwell/Long Jing green teas from Teavivre. It’s so much fun! Both of the Long Jing green teas are top grade and freshly harvested in spring 2014. These highly praised Chinese green… 

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